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Members of the Folio Society Devotees (FSD) forum on LibraryThing are lovers of The Folio Society because of the beauty of its books, the wisdom of its choices, and the quality of its illustrations and engravings.

Talk threads on FSD discuss every imaginable topic relating to FS books, and many topics only vaguely related to the FS, but still of interest to book lovers. These threads can be found by using the Home Page link below.

On this page, you'll find sections related to common questions, details about FS Devotees, technical tips, FS related blogs, extensive lists of FS books, special and limited edition FS book details, links to FS brochures and leaflets, and other FS related information and links.

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The Folio SocietyEdit

The Folio Society is a high quality publisher of a wide range of classical, fiction and non-fiction books that was founded in 1947. Its current books can be classified into four different quality standards, all of which are significantly superior to the books produced by the vast majority of publishers. The categories of books in order of price from cheapest to most expensive are:-

Collectibles - smaller, non-slipcased books that have a firm but not hard cover, a ribbon marker and coloured page tops. They have few or no illustrations and have no introduction.
Standard or Core Editions- it is really inappropriate to describe these beautifully presented, bound and slipcased books as standard editions. They all have a specially commissioned introduction, and are usually illustrated with unique paintings, drawings or photographs.
Fine Editions - a higher quality standard book that often has gilded page edges, better paper, an illustrated slipcase, additional illustrations and superior binding, but they are not limited in the number produced.
Limited Editions - the pinnacle of publishing excellence, these exquisite books are expensive, often leather bound, housed in a solander box or slipcase, have gilded page edges and other special features. Each edition is unique and an art work in itself. The limitation can vary from 500 to about 2000, depending on the edition. They are keenly sought after by collectors, and some have sold out very quickly. A subset of these limited editions is the Letterpress Shakespeare series, which some consider to be the finest editions of Shakespeare's works ever produced.

Link to The Folio Society company website.

Glossary Edit

  • BAD - Book Acquisition Disorder (an incurable psychiatric condition that causes those affected to purchase far too many books)
  • DLE - deluxe limited edition (an Easton Press notation)
  • EP - Easton Press (a USA publisher of leather-bound books; often discussed in comparison to FS) Link
  • ep - endpaper (the material, usually paper and often decorative, pasted to the inside of the front and back covers as well as the free portion which forms a page just before the first, and just after the last true page of a book)
  • FAD - Folio Acquisition Disorder (an incurable psychiatric condition that causes those affected to purchase far too many FS books)
  • Franklin Library - a defunct USA publisher of leather-bound books; often discussed in comparison to FS and EP
  • FS - Folio Society Link
  • FSD - Folio Society Devotees (that is, those LT members who also participate in this group)
  • LE - Limited Edition
  • LRB - London Review of Books Link
  • mole - the possibly mythical Folio Society employee(s) who monitor FSD posts.
  • MR - Members Room at 44 Eagle St., London; renamed Folio Bookshop in 2014 and permanently closed in December 2016.
  • OOP - Out of Print (no longer available new)
  • OP - Original post (in a thread)
  • OT - off topic (where all FSD threads seem to go!)
  • OUP - Oxford University Press Link
  • Pepys limit - The 17th. Century diarist Samuel Pepys, believed that the ideal size for a private library was 3000 books. His library of exactly 3000 books is now housed at Magdalene College, Cambridge.
  • ROW - Rest of the world (FS pricing and shipping costs vary by regions defined on their website, such as United Kingdom, Canada, USA, or Australia; ROW is everywhere else)
  • SF - Slightly Foxed (a book review magazine, book publisher and bookshop associated with the FS) Link
  • T&H - Thames and Hudson (publisher of fine art books that is associated with FS) Link
  • TBR - To be read (books you own but have not read)

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